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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gamer in USA (1/3)

Hi! The reason I haven't been able to upload is because I've been in California and Las Vegas this past few weeks. By the way, this post is not game-related.

So in our first night, we arrived at LAX airport. It's cold there, about 19 degrees Celsius. Tita Pi and her daughter Riza picked us up and we stayed at their place overnight and went to Las Vegas the next day.

We checked in to Harrahs Hotel in Strip Avenue for 1 day. Then, we went to Rio's Hotel to watch some showgirls. Then we went to the hotels on strip avenue for sightseeing and pictures :). It was awesome! Hotels there are tourist spots themselves!....and casinos too :P . See the picture below? You think I'd take some sky pictures? Hell no! That is the ceiling of the Venetian Hotel!!!! We went back to our hotel afterwards.

In our 2nd day, we ate brunch (our meals there were mostly only brunch and dinner) at Denny's. Then, we went to other hotels for more pictures. After that, Lolo Chris, a worker at the Venetian Hotel, checked us out of Harrahs and checked us in Palace Station, another hotel/casino, but not on the strip this time. We ate lunch and went sightseeing in Vegas for the last time.

The next day, we were fetched by Tito Jun and Tita Hedy. We will live with them for our last 2 days at the entertainment capital of the world. Not much happened to me. They went to the casino. I just shopped and bought new shoes. Then we went home. We ate, we talked, watched Cable TV (zOMG 1000+channels excluding ppv shows!), ate again then slept.

The following day, we went to another hotel/casino/tourist spot, Mandalay Bay. It's like a mini sea world (see below) without the shows and the rides. After that, we went to church. Their music players were awesome! They're like Paramore (search it in youtube), but with holier songs of course :P .

In our last day at Vegas, Lolo Chris picked us up from Tito Jun's place for our brunch. We were with his family. Then we went shopping again. I didn't get to buy anything except for ice creams for me, crystal (Lolo Chris' daughter/my younger tita/cousin) and my grandmother. Then she saw my camera and took many pictures O_o.
They then brought us back home, and Tito Jun would bring us to the airport and we were again back to Tita Pi's place in L.A. . was cold in L.A. the whole time we were there.

Back in L.A., Tito Arnold and his family picked us up from Tita Pi's place and we went shopping then sightseeing in Old Town Temecula, then we stayed at their place in San Diego for 3 days.

So this ends the 1st part of my vacation in america. See you next time!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Yey! 15 nako!

yehey! I'm already 15! Happy B-day din Kayla ;). I also share the same birthday with Michael Jordan! :p

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Monday, November 06, 2006

TXV! Yeah!

Uh....I posted this just in case Benj forgets to print this for me....
(Note: He DID forget it, good thing I brought my lib ID and blogger isn't firewalled at pisay internet :D) So, here it is!

The Netiscythe

Narrator: One day, Vozlak was assigned to find one of the stolen artifacts, the Netiscythe.

Vozlak: Hmm, a scythe that makes a shockwave every time you swing it and cannot be blocked by any shield, eh? I heard that there was once an undefeated king whether it’s a personal duel or a war campaign. I bet the Gat-Bongs, the suspected thieves, gave it to him in exchange of something. I better go to Srivijaya as soon as possible.

Narrator: And so he used his airship to travel back in time and into another dimension. Earth I on the 7th century C.E. Unfortunately, he had a bad fall because his jet pack didn’t work and got unconscious.

Vozlak: [wakes up in an old-looking house but discovers he is in the same place, near the river, but surrounded by many people in weird ancient outfits] [walks to a woman getting water from the river] Um, excuse me miss, can you tell me if something big happened recently even before I got here?

Woman: Ahh, you. What does “miss” mean? Anyway, so you are alright now. We just found you on the river. We thought you were dead because you wouldn’t wake up when we called you so we just put you in the house of one of our neighbors. Oh, Dapunta Hyang Sri Jayanegara, our king, started recruiting soldiers for his holy crusade.

Vozlak: Where can I find him? Maybe I can join him in his expedition.

Woman: Maybe you can now find him at Minnangga Tamwan, his hometown. It’s just over that hill.

Vozlak: Alright. Thank You.

Narrator: After fixing his jet pack, he went there and approached the king.

Vozlak: Your Majesty, I want to join you in your holy crusade. But may I ask what gave you your sudden confidence in adventuring and on conquering other islands?

King Hyang: Ah….soldier. It is me, who should ask you, why you want to know. But since I am in a good mood today, I’ll tell you. Some fat merchant from another country, with weird clothes like you, came to my place one day, and traded his scythe he calls Netiscythe for something I cannot tell.
Vozlak: (Thinking: Ah hah, so a Gat-bong really stole that artifact and gave it to this king. But I wonder, how I am supposed to get the Netiscythe back. I’ll just go along with the flow and follow him.)

Narrator: And so, after gathering two-hundred thousand men, King Hyang left the island and started his crusade on a huge ship.

Vozlak: What kind of kingdoms do you want to conquer your majesty? And how do you plan to win all the battles we’ll encounter sir?

King Hyang: Wow, you really are nosy aren’t you? First, we will conquer the small kingdoms that we’ll see. I can assure you that we’ll win because of this Netiscythe. I haven’t shown you soldiers its power yet, but you’ll see that we’ll win those battles fast and quick.

Vozlak: If you say so sir. But what route will we take?

King Hyang: We will go from south of Siam, through Malaya, Celebes, Borneo, to Sumatra till Java.

Vozlak: So we’ll conquer all the kingdoms there, your Majesty?

King Hyang: Yes of course. Every kingdom except one, my childhood friend Queen Sima's Kingdom.

Narrator: King Hyang and Vozlak arrived at Malaya, and they saw many soldiers going their way.

King Hyang: So they have expected us. Wait my soldiers, do not attack yet. I will use my Netiscythe to weaken the enemies’ forces. (Brings out a shiny rock which suddenly transformed to a scythe his own size.)

Vozlak: (Thinking: So that is the Netiscythe. I wonder if it really is as strong as the elders said.)

Narrator: And in one swing of his Netiscythe, a huge visible shockwave came out of it and already killed hundreds of enemy soldiers.

Vozlak: (Thinking: Wow! It is stronger than what the elders said!)

King Hyang: (Swings the Netiscythe creating many shockwaves) Surrender now and I will stop what I am doing!
Narrator: And that’s how he used the Netiscythe to conquer the small kingdoms he encounters. But our story’s not finished yet. Vozlak still has to get the Netiscythe from him. So he waited until the King returned to his own original kingdom.

Vozlak: Sir, I challenge you to a duel for the mighty Netiscythe.

King Hyang: And what makes you think I’ll accept your challenge?

Vozlak: I have your adopted son, Dharma Setu, in my custody. And if you do not accept, I will not tell you where he is. And if you order your guards to kill me, you still won’t know where he is. Besides, you already got what you wanted. Come on! Accept the duel! I’ll even allow you to use the Netiscythe in our duel!

King Hyang: Alright, I’ll accept. Let’s do it at the plains tomorrow noon.

Narrator: And so they came to the assigned time and place

King Hyang: You fiend, how dare you do this to me?

Vozlak: I’m really sorry. But my job as a retriever requires me to do so.

King Hyang: Stolen? Bah! Let’s finish this conversation using our weapons!

Narrator: But what the King didn’t know was that Vozlak has a nullifier, a device used to seal an ancient artifact’s powers. So he lost and gave the Netiscythe to Vozlak. Vozlak returned King Hyang’s adopted son to him and Vozlak returned to his own time and dimension, returning the stolen artifact back to its respective temple.

So....did you like it? Hope u did! :D

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